USA Football


CCYFL offers tackle football for children ages 5-13. The program is divided into four leagues of age-eligibility, based on player age as of December 31st of the current year:

- Micro Division- formerly D League -Pre-K- 1st Grade-  Ages 5-7
- Freshmen Division- formerly C League - 2nd- 3rd Grade- Ages 8-9
- Junior Divisionformerly B League - 4th-5th Grade- Ages 10-11
- Senior Divisionformerly A League - 6th and 7th Grades- Ages 12-13

All tackle football head coaches receive training on USA Football's Head's Up program and concussion awareness training. CCYFL's tackle football program is an instructional league, focused on developing safe fundamental technique in all aspects of the game.

CCYFL recommends that all players register online PRIOR to attending an Equipment Fitting. This insures thir personalized equipment sizes are reserved specifically for them to provide thier best comfort throughout the season. Late registrations will still be albe to play and have the same equipment provided for them, however they will have to make due with the sizes that are available.

     - Equipment Fitting
     - Weigh- In's

Tackle football players are issued game pants, shoulder pads, a football helmet, and game jersey all of which will need to be returned by the end of the season.  Starting in the 2019 season, we will not be giving out jerseys to players at the end of the season in order to keep registration costs low. When your child ages out of a Division they will be able to keep their jersey. Each player will need to purchase game socks for $10 from thier coach. Practices are held 5 nights a week for the first week of practice ("conditioning week"), and then coaches will maintain schedules up to the first game. After the season begins, practices are 3 nights per week. Practices are held at Johnson-Williams Middle School.

Please visit the FAQ's page for additional information.