USA Football

Tackle football and Cheerleading are instructional team sports. For players to learn the correct and safe techniques that are fundamental to the sport, it requires a commitment to attend all practices and games whenever possible. Missed time may impact your team's success and the development of your children.

Changes have been made to several league procedures and practice requirements for the upcoming season - please see below.


What are the age groups for CCYFL?

Age groups for both Football and Cheer are determined primarily by Grade Level that the player/cheerleader will be entering into the Fall of that Season. Age/birthdays are secondary as a maximum guideline, as the age the child will be on 12/31 of that calendar year. *Only in the youngest Micro Division, can the child be turning 5 yoa by 3/31/xx of the following calendar year.*

     - Cheer*        Ages 5 to 13
Senior Division (Previously A League)       

            6th and 7th Grades- Ages 12 to 13

If a player turns 14 on or before December 31 of current year they are NOT permitted to play in this league. No player may exceed the 7th grade. 
     - Junior Division (Previously 
B League)         

           4th and 5th Grades- Ages 10 to 11

If the player turns 12 on or before December 31 of current year, they MUST play Senior Division, unless he is 80 lbs or less. All 6th Graders must play up to Senior Division.

    - Freshman Division (Previously C League)   

            2nd and 3rd Grades- Ages 8 to 9

If the player turns 8 on or before December 31 of current year, they are eligable. Any player turning 10 on or before December 31 of current year must play Junior Division. All 4th graders must play up to Junior Division.
     - Micro Division (Previously 
D League)         

            Pre-K- 1st Grade-  Ages 5 to 7

Grades pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st graders, ages 5-7. All players/cheerleaders must be turning 5 years old by March 31st of the following calendar year.

*Cheer is for Senior- Micro Divisions. The league your child will be on depends on the years of experience and prior CCYFL involvement.

What are the registration fees? The fees for the 2019 season are as follows. Clarke County Resident and non-resident fees for Tackle Football are $99. The Cheerleading fee is $90. 

Is there a discount if I register more than 1 child? Yes. There is a $10 family discount on all additional children registered after the first child.

How do I register my player or cheerleader? During open registration you can register online or email a request for a hard copy registration form. We encourage you to register online to help the league reduce unnecessary administrative costs.

Can I request a team or request that my child be on the team of another player? CCYFL does not place players based on parent requests. Siblings are placed on the same team provided that they are both age-eligible for the same league.

Can a player play Middle School Football and also participate with CCYFL? No.

How are players assigned to teams? There will only be 1 team per division unless more than 44 players are signed up. In that case, players who are age-eligible to return to their previous year’s team are automatically assigned to that team. New players, late registration players or players changing leagues are placed in a draft pool and are selected by the coaches.

Why does my player need to attend an equipment fitting? All registered players and cheerleaders need to attend 1 fitting date. All football players need to attend to be weighed, pictured and fitted for equipment. Cheerleaders need to attend so they can be fitted for uniforms. If your child attends a Fitting before June1st, their sizes will be ordered and reserved for them. For late registrations, they will still need to attend the Late Fitting Date, and will have to make due with what sizes are available. All participants need to be at the tryout field located at Johnson-Williams Middle School, Berryville, VA by the start time listed on the calendar page. 

Are there player weight restrictions? Yes.  Please see the league rules on the "forms" page for more information.

Does my child need a physical?  Yes.  All football players and cheerleaders need a physical before Conditioning Week and Cheer Camp start.  These forms must be turned in Monday, July 22.  Please see the Rules & Forms page for the CCYFL physical form.

Does my child need a Birth Certificate?  Yes.  All football players and cheerleaders need to turn in a copy of their birth certicate before Conditioning Week and Cheer Camp start.  These forms must be turned in Monday, July 22.  Please see the Rules & Forms page for more information..

When is conditioning week and Cheer camp? In 2019, the football conditioning week will be Monday, July 22 to Friday, July 26.  Players who miss any practice time during conditioning week will be required to make up that time during the following week and will not participate in any contact until the missed conditioning time has been completedCheer camp will be Monday, July 22 to Friday, July 26. 

What if we're going to be on vacation during practices? It's not uncommon for a player to miss limited practice time due to late summer family vacations. If it's likely that your player will miss more than 1 week of practice, please contact the league board prior to registration so that a determination can be made on your player's game eligibilty.

When and how frequently are football practices held and when will I know? The first week, often referred to as "conditioning week," all football teams practice every night from 6-8 PM, Monday - Friday. Thereafter, your coach will provide details on the normal practice schedule. Typical practice frequencies are listed below:

Teams may have unlimited practices up to the first game. Your coach will provide details on this. 

Once the season has begun, all teams will be limited to two full contact practices and one light practice (defined as helmets and shoulder pads with no person to person contact.)

When and how frequently are Cheer practices held and when will I know? The first week, often referred to as "cheer camp," all Cheerleaders practice every night from 6-8 PM, Monday - Friday. Thereafter, your coach will provide details on the normal practice schedule.  Cheer practices are usually held 2 days a week from 6-8 PM. Cheer coaches will provide you with further information.

What football equipment will my child need? Players will need to provide their own mouthpiece, cleats, and athletic supporter/cup.  The registration fee includes 1 pair of game socks. Starting in 2019, registration does not include keeping of the team jersey. These are too expensive and from 2019 forward, will be kept in CCYFL equipemnt from year to year to help keep registration costs lower. Once your child ages out of his division, he will get to keep his jersey.

When does the season begin? CCYFL football is included as part of the overall Shenandoah Valley Youth Football League. The schedule will be posted on the website as soon as it is available. All games that are in Clarke County are played on Saturdays, except in the case of a weather cancellation or playing at a different location. Makeup games will be scheduled at the discretion of the SVYL Board. The last game of the season is in mid-November.      

Will my Cheerleader cheer for their sibling's team? CCYFL tries to accommodate cheer placements whenever possible, however the league does assign cheerleaders on an age-appropriate basis.

Is financial assistance available? CCYFL offers a limited number of partial/full scholarships and payment plans to residents of Clarke County each season. Please see the Financial Assistance Application on the Rules & Forms page. As a condition of approval of your application you will be required to complete a minimum of 3 additional concession or field/event cleanup/setup assignments that are separate from your player's team assignments.

Can I request a refund if my player quits or is injured? CCYFL offers refunds due to injury, etc. up until August 11th. Refunds are subject to a $25 processing fee. No refunds are offered after August 11th.